Pip Issue One


Imagine, you’re a little, sentient onion, and it’s your first day out of the dirt. What do you do?
A perennial question, now answered in “Pip”, Issue One! Debut comic from Abelard “Bob” Rudenborg/A Small Frog Art, a labor of love made single-handedly from bottom to top. Text is limited, and not essential for understanding the story. Appropriate for all ages, physical durability of book recommended for 8+ unsupervised, younger on adult discretion.

This Comic is printed by the author/artist on 80# gloss paper, on a laser printer, at the award winning PGH Print Ship, at 595 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, Pa 15223.

It comes in two sizes:
Standard size: 7¾ x 10¾” or 196x273 cm(recommended for full experience)
Mini Size: 5⅛ x 7⅛” or 130x180 cm (budget/portable option, some details will be less clear)

Will be packaged in bio-plastic for water-protectiveness, and mailed within a cardboard mailer for sturdiness. Includes Tracking. If ordered with non-flat products, it will be packaged in paperboard within the larger mailer, or shipped separately, depending. Message the shop after you order if you have more questions/specifications.